Hope you’ve all got yourself right with God, cause apparently when Dani leaves the Big Brother 2011 house, the sky will fall.

At least that’s basically what she claims. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be nervously checking to see if the rivers turn to blood and locusts swarm the earth.. Cause this Big Brother 2011 game will come to a screeching halt, and the CBS empire will tumble if the great and powerful Daniele leaves on Thursday. Yuh-okay.

And it’s gonna happen. Adam’s made up his mind which way he’s voting, and no amount of “My daddy will hang out with you on the outside if you keep me this week” is gonna change it. That’s right. Dani promised Adam if he would vote to keep her, she’d make sure that Dick would “play with Adam outside of the house.” And Porshe told him that if he keeps Dani, “I’ll make sure Janelle calls you.” Well, gee-golly, that’s a super reason to turn against your alliance, and maybe lose your chance to win a half-million bucks, huh?

The thing that sticks in my craw is the fact that Shelly’s hard work to try to “flip the house” and turn on her alliance will go unnoticed. I so, SO want JeJo to learn how two-faced she truly is.. But you gotta give it to her, she’s gotten away with it so far..So far.. But it can’t last forever, and as hungry as D/K/P are, if Shelly keep browning, they’re gonna take her for a slice of beef jerky and start gnawing on her.

In the early am- FLASHBACK 2:00am BBT, Adam confirmed that he was voting out Daniele. Done. I don’t think any manner of Dani’s bashing every person in the house is gonna change his mind. She’s being super petty and extremely childish, slamming doors and snapping at everyone who crosses her path (particularly her BFF, Kalia.) Dani told Porshe at 2:35am BBT-FEED 1 FLASHBACK-– “I want to be here more than any other person in this house, it’s not faaaaiiiirrr.” It’s almost like…”you don’t get it… I’m Dani–Dani doesn’t go to jury.” ¬†She calls Adam a coward, ¬†claiming he’s scared to make a big move. Uh, darlin’–he IS making a big move.

Stay close to your LIVE FEEDS today, cause Dani will do anything.. Promise anything to stay. If you don’t have them–this is your chance to sign up for your FREE TRIAL. The upcoming Double Eviction will tornado through the house Thursday and afterward, should be some of the best LIVE FEED viewing of the year!!

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