UPDATE:  OK guys- Just gonna be honest here and tell you that I am going to be lazy today and not put up a new post.  There is absolutely nothing new to report. Only two very minor things.. So please forgive me.. Sigh..

1.) Something happened in the DR which ticked Ragan off. Not sure what.

2.) Lane FINALLY told Brit he was sick (and that America is sick-according to the DR) of her incessant Brendan and Rachel bashing, and to cut it out.

Other than that… Here is what they did all night.

Th…th…That’s all folks….

If anything happens that is noteworthy, I will let you know.

UPDATE_  POV Re-nominations are in- and Lane nominated……………………………………..Hayden.

This came as no shock to Hayden, but I wonder how Enzo feels about all this.  After all..Why is Lane REALLY not putting Britney up?

We have all recently discovered that Lane has family money. No oil well digger, our little Laney.. No.. HE already owns his own, (over 2400 sq. foot) home in Houston. He spends his working hours shmoozing his daddy’s clients. Now.. let’s compare that lifestyle to poor neglected little Nick.

Nick is a Medical Technologist. A great job. I admire Med Techs tremendously and have several friends with this title. It is an important job and they make a good living.

One thing, though… It ain’t Texas oil money.

Now, I am no prestidigitator, but if I was… I would predict that Lane doesn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with voting Britney out of the house, because he is planning a possible future with her. And I think she is too…  Arkansas and Texas are snuggled right up next to each other.  Kissing cousins of the south.

We will see, won’t we??? Hmmm…

POV Ceremony today in Big Brother 2010. So stay tuned for Lane’s choice.

He told Britney that Hayden has agreed to go up as pawn, so there will likely not be any surprises today. The big question this week, is..Depending on who wins HOH..Will the “Brigade” stick with the penguin or ditch him for the blonde? If they think logically- anyone going up against Brit will likely not fare too well, if the Jury votes for a competitor.

The third punishment was announced. Ya’ll ready for this? I hope so, because it is not for the squeamish..

Every time music is played over the loud speakers…The poor, poor HG’s have to……….dance.

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