There was a lot of talk about whom to send home. It is still up in the air unless something major happens today or tomorrow.  Who do you think will go? Do Brendan and Andrew have an outside relationship?

POV Meeting was unexpectedly dramatic yesterday in the Big Brother 2010 House.

The POV Meeting was held yesterday, and might just have locked in some previously undecided voters.

During the Big Brother 12 POV Ceremony- Andrew delivered an over-the-top speech, targeting Brendan and Rachel, making it clear (too clear) that he was coming after the couple.

This was, of course, previously planned, between Andrew and Brendan. Afterward, Andrew went to them secretly, and kissed Rachel (who was not in on the plan- and was upset during the ceremony). AFterward, Brendan let Rachel in on the plan, but told Andrew that he had overplayed it..  Rachel was not happy that Brendan was making all these secret plans without her. The other HG’s are very suspicious and believes this just goes to prove that Andrew is with Brenchel. This also supports the belief that Andrew and Brendan are related somehow, I think.

Meanwhile, Kathy is campaigning hard, (finally), explaining that she is playing because she had cancer and is worried it might come back, and needs the money because of that.

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