UPDATE: Britney opened another Pandora’s Box and according to Brit..She was locked in the HOH room with JESSE for an hour while the rest of the HG’s enjoyed a Hawaiin feast, complete with hula girls. Brit claims that PB gave her a chance to “Get advice from someone for an hour.” and she thought maybe it would be someone like Evil Dick. Instead, Jesse spent the whole hour talking about himself.

UPDATE: LMAO!! Apparently, another punishment, is that Brendan and Britney will be handcuffed together for 24 hours- whose punishment is that? Hard call.

EDIT- There is some confusion on who actually won the 5000 dollars and no one knows for sure who took it or the Hawaii vacation.

Brendan won POV in Big Brother 2010!!

He had to shave his head..Enzo in Penguin suit, Hayden won $5 grand. Lane won a phone call. Someone won Hawaiian vacation. Matt won almost all the other prizes,according to the others.

The comp involved buzzing in for points- either for prizes or punishments. The punishments involved shaving your head, dying your hair pink, three weeks on slop, and Enzo in a penguin suit, and also had to donate all his clothes to charity-only leaving him underwear for the rest of the show- he will have to borrow after the week in the penguin suit.

No one knows for sure who won the trip, which will come into play this week. Someone is lying.

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Brit is mad because she thinks all the Brigade threw the comp and let Brendan win.

More Later!!

Brit is having a breakdown because she did not win any prizes, and is worried that now Brendan will come after her.

Apparently Matt won the most prizes. But supposedly, who won what prize is a secret, and Matt swears on his wife he didn’t win them. The others claim Matt felt so safe that he took as many prizes he could get his hands on.

Brit is being a HUGE whiner.. Lane is trying to talk her off the ledge, but geez-louise.. She is complaining that no one in the jury house will vote for her because she lost Rachel, Kathy and Brendan as her friends, and now they won’t vote for her. Well.. hmm.. wonder why that would be?? Could it be because you just said: “I just want Brendan to break his legs so he has to leave this house”. Things like that do not usually endear you to people.

aww.. bummer, huh?

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