In case you don’t already know– (sorry, I am a tiny bit behind today)..

The POV comp is done in the Big Brother 2010 house and the winner is……

Yep, Enzo FINALLY won a competition!!  You may now take a moment to recover.. Have the vapors?  Need the smelling salts?? Apparently in the competition, which included searching for CD’s and putting them in some type of container- Enzo bumped Ragan out of the way, brutally, according to a complaining Ragan, to win the comp. Enzo is one fired up penguin tonight!- Actually- he is a penguin no more. He is back to regular (if borrowed) duds.

OK- now what does that mean? Well, obviously Ragan is in deep doo doo..  It is somewhat ironic to see him in the “shun” position now. After ridiculing Brendan for having no friends, and celebrating his greatness, our poor Professor Pouty Pants is all but out the door.

He has only a very, VERY slim chance of survival, and that is predicated on Lane NOT putting Britney up in Enzo’s place.  I was surprised today, to hear Lane and Hayden, talking about taking Brit to F3 instead of Enzo-That would be a punk move, I believe, since you have been proclaiming your “Brigade” Crap since day 1. Although, they already cut Bro-#4-Matt. So maybe only the first time is hard.  Matt, though, at least did have a very tight side alliance with Ragan and so there was some justification for turning on him, but to choose Brit over Enzo??? Now, having said that.. And as much as I don’t care for her as a person.. (I think she is a spoiled, pampered, nasty little thing)…. She has fought. She has won a lot of comps, AND she has played the social game very well.  Enzo has finally won his first comp, here at the final few hours, but he has played the social game beautifully.  Each one is a valid strategy.

I know I have used this pic of Brit before-,but it is priceless and worth a second viewing..

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So… This week is pretty much a lock, especially once Lane names Enzo’s successor..

Who do you think Lane should put up next to Ragan? AND Who do you want to see as F3?

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