Well, it was status quo on the big brother 2010 house last night, with Kristin begging everyone for her life.

Spoiler Alert!

Also Whiner alert!

Last night was a night for whining. Kristin decided that she was not giving up, and cornered HG after HG explaining how she “deserves to be here”, and how good of a player she is, she is the strongest girl in the house… On, and on, and on… Well, I guess I don’t really see what she had done to deserve to stay. On the other hand, not real sure what Hayden has done, either.

it’s hard to take her seriously in that wig.

Ragan tries to give her hope

The other whining that went on was… big surprise… Brendan. Rachel got snockered,(again) and was flashing boobs everywhere, going on and on about how she loves Vegas, she IS Vegas, blah,blah.

check out the bikini top

Mr. Sensitive got hurt, because he is not a “flashy person” with a lot of money, and that is what she was

into before. He wants her to leave Vegas and come to LA with him. She went off on him for not understanding that “Vegas is in my soul, is half of my heart.. I AM Vegas, Brendan.” Yep.. she said that..

So, once again, they got into a big fight. Well, that is if you call him begging her to understand his feelings, and her eye-rolling, then they fell into bed together.

Here is a new video from our friends at www.ihatebigbrother.com Thanks, Ryan!!

please stay with me- Miss Vegas..

The other thing I don’t get is Kathy.. She seems like she is mad that she wasn’t put up. Does she not know that Kristin and Hayden were pushing HARD to get her put up? She actually told Hayden “Now you have messed with my babies, and that means I am coming after you.” Talking about Rachel putting Kristin and Hayden up, instead of her.. uh.. okay??

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of  the LIVE FEEDS- You know we have a double eviction coming up!! And see if Kristin’s campaigning will turn negative against Hayden. Gotta tell ya, it is skirting the edge of negative, even though she promised she wouldn’t.  The funny thing is, that she believes she has several people’s vote- including two members of the brigade..  yeah, okay…

There was whining from almost all quarters of the house.

Kristin has had talks with everyone in the house, and believes that she

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