Big Brother 14 UPDATE:  As expected, Shane did NOT use the POV. Now- Kara and Frank have four days to garner votes. Stay tuned to see how it turns out. 

It was a night of fun, fellowship and secret scheming in the  Big Brother 14  house last night. Just another day in paradise. But how long can it last? As we all know, the first couple of weeks in the BB house is always like this. An sharp intake of breath before the crazy comes out.

But while the Newbies played Kum-ba-ya in the backyard, the  Mentors never stopped their plotting. These guys know that no matter how much you pledge everlasting friendship in the house…It’s about the money, yo.

Check out the FLASHBACK at 10:46 BBT. If you still don’t have the FEEDS– Sign up HERE. It’s fixing to get WILD!


Some of the newbies are crossing the faction borders, invading into enemy territory. Is is infiltration, or defection?  Willie continues his deepening friendship with Frank, promising his safety in this week’s eviction. Brit and Janelle still aren’t happy about it, though. They wonder–with Frank’s obvious physicality and likeability–if it’s not a pivotal mistake to get rid of him while they can. This would also hurt Boogie’s team, and be a first step on their long-term goal of getting rid of him.

 Boogie’s totally aware of this, and is doing his best to counter. He’s aware of Janelle’s contempt for him- and is playing on that. Janelle hates him. Says “Booger” is jealous of her popularity with the fans. She tells Brit this in the HOH bathroom, while the two complain that they don’t have their maids to clean up after them, like they do at home.  *clears throat*

Out there on his own is Dan and his fragment of a team. What do you think?? Did Dan blow it in the draft? What was he thinking? Was his plan to pick up weak-looking players to float to the end?  No one really understands, but if he loses Kara this week, his chances are slim to none.

Brit and Janelle speculated more on when they’d “enter the game.” FYI-If that happens, it will change the dynamics completely. Do you like this option? Do you want to Coaches to enter the game?

If we haven’t mentioned one of your faves…Jenn.Ian. Joe.Wil. Jojo…here are a few tidbits on the less flamboyant HG’s.

Well, last night Brit, Wil and Kara gave Ian a session on ‘how to date’ that was hilarious. Joe is busy cooking day and night, and seems to get irritated if people don’t want to eat what he fixes.  Jenn is mostly in wall-flower mode. And I predict the abrasive Jojo will be the first HG to blow up. She is 100% hard-core New Yorker who ‘don’t take crap from nobody’. It’s gonna happen folks–and soon. Remember you heard it here first.

Those are the haps in Big Brother 14  world. But like I mentioned above… It’s just the calm before the inevitable storm. So if you want to witness it for yourself….. Sign up for the Superpass LIVE FEEDS You haven’t missed a whole lot yet.. But if you don’t get in now– you will!!!!

PS- Is there something blooming between Danielle and Shane?? Hmmm. what do YOU think? Shane seems to be the only person in the house who likes the “kindergarten teacher.” Everyone else is sick of her negativity and sloppiness. Even her partner Kara seems done with her.

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