Jordan is calm center of the biggest maelstrom of drama we’ve had this Big Brother 2011 season. But the two forces creating the storm are going to drag the Vet alliance into the dirt.

Jordan and Jeff despise all the tension and nastiness that’s going on between Cassi and Rachel. (Psst–We don’t, though, do we??…Oh no, we like it just fine!)

Dom swaggered about the house, earlier, suggesting  that maybe he’d throw them for a loop and not use the POV, since he knows he has the votes to stay.

Pu-leeze.  That was nothing but a load of testosterone-fueled bravado.  When the time came–little Dommy used it.. Of course he used it. Jeff and Jordan stuck to the Vet’s plan... and replaced Dom/Adam with Cassi and Shelly. When the Feeds came back– we found Shelly and Cassi sitting together in the BY and the weird part was- it was Shelly who was crying and Cassi who was comforting her.. hmmm..guilty conscience, maybe?

With the verbal warfare that’s been going down in the house over the last couple of days- you can expect Cassi to go down swinging.  The real question is this.. And it’s a doozy… Will Cassi learn about Shelly’s betrayal before she leaves—IF she leaves- ( keep in mind that Cassi won’t campaign against Shelly because she think’s she’s the most sweet, kind and HONEST person in the house).. However—If the rest of the Newbies learn it was Shelly who voted to keep Porshe, and has allowed Adam to take the blame all this time, it’s going to get real, REAL ugly in there.

Finally, a drama we can sink out teeth into!! YAY1 Check out the nasty little convo between Cassi and Brendon on the LIVE FEED FLASHBACK @ 9:57am BBT.  What? don’t have the feeds, you say? You heard they were boring, you say? Well, let me tell ya– with Cassi on the block, things are going to be anything but boring, cause she’s going to go down swinging. So if you wanna see Cassi fight for her survival, Sign up for the FREE TRIAL here!

Brendon- "Should I draw you a picture?"

I think all of Rachel’s shenanigans this week herald the beginning of the end of the Vet alliance. She and Jeff admitted to each other that they like Brendon, but that Rachel’s attempt at re-inventing her persona from last season is failing miserably. They’ll be glad to see the back of her, but being who they are–will not betray their sworn alliance, until they absolutely must… Well, Rachel’s bringing that time closer and closer every day..

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