Finally! Some action in the Big Brother 14 House!

Though perhaps not exactly the kind we were expecting or hoping for…

But first. I’m just gonna put it out there….Danielle be cray-cray…

Well, maybe not crazy, per se. But she’s incredibly immature or….Desperately delusional! THOSE’re the words I’m looking for. Last night, she cornered not only Brit, but Dan, IAn AND even poor Jenn, for mememe counseling sessions. In the hammock, she asked Ian–in the guise of possible questions for an upcoming comp. FLASHBACK 9:54pm BBT

Danielle:  “Who would America rather see in a bikini? Me or Janelle?”

Ian: “Janelle.”

Danielle: “Well, me or Ashley?”

Ian: “Hmmm. Ashley.”

Obviously put out, she asked: “Who would they say is smarter, then? Me or Britney?”

Ian: (long pause, still not getting it) “Though I think you might be more intelligent, I think America would pick Britney.”

Then, much later, she snagged Jenn to (once again, and ad nauseum) go over the one question plaguing all us….Why is Shane so mean to me? FLASHBACK 1:12am BBT

*HUGE SIGH from your author*

Also, one final–During HOH pics today, Shane asked Danielle if she wanted to let someone take a picture of them, with him miming handing her a restraining order? Milady was not amused. And it IS kind of a mean thing to say. But Shane’s trying to make light of it. And that’s the thing with her… If she’d only laugh it off. Make fun of herself about it- we’d all laugh WITH her, instead of shaking our heads in wonderment AT her.

Now, onto the REAL action in the house. Are you ready for it?

It was date-night up in the HOH room. A date between Ashley and…FRANK! That’s right, not Ian this time. Our ditzy spray-tanner asked the mop-top out on a date, and this was no stiff, bow-tie affair. After a bottle of wine and a few beers. The twosome found their way to the couch for a little smooch action. FLASHBACK 1156pm BBT

Downstairs, Ian–though trying to play it off, was clearly unhappy.

And that’s all the big news I have to impart for last night. Not much gaming. Well, not the BB kind, anyway.

This week’s basically a gimmee. But the real action will happen after HOH on Thursday night. Depending on our winner, the question burning on everyone’s lips is this.. Out of the Silent Six….Who will draw first blood? If you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS, you can sign up here– cause there are STILL TEN PEOPLE in the house.. It’s fixing to get ugly, ya’ll. After this week, (excluding Joe) there’s not any more easy evictions. So STAY TUNED!!

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