Something isn’t quite right with the way things went down in the Big Brother 14 VETO Meeting yesterday, and Brit wants to find out what it is.

Yesterday’s LIVE FEEDS turned out to be even better than we predicted, once they came back from the VETO Meeting, and Brit realized she’d been duped by none other than her ‘teammate’, Dan.



Throughout the afternoon, we watched Britney go through the five stages of grief, though she experienced them in a somewhat skewed order. After a long DR Session, Brit quickly moved through Depression and Acceptance–with, I suspect, a little pharmacological help–and settled in for a long stay with the stage of grief known as ANGER. FLASHBACK 4pm BBT

A pissed Britney is LIVE FEED gold, and her main target was–you guessed it–Dan Gheesling. Oh yeah, folks. A disheveled, slurring Brit emerged from her DR session with one target in mind. And it was phenomenal! Now, however–I think we’ll see Brit settle in to stage three…Bargaining. You didn’t expect her to go down without a fight, did you?

Yesterday I kept wondering how long it would take for Brit to notice how it’s awfully strange that her BFF (and here’s where I think it will all come together, cause if it’s about Danielle, the big brunette can shed a river of tears. But since she knows that SHE is safe, she stayed curiously dry-eyed) seems to be taking the news awfully well.

And Brit DID wonder WHY–if Dan claims that Dani is “dead to him”… he’s voting to keep her. I’m guessing today–now that the initial shock has passed–Brit, Ian and Joe will put on their detective hats and figure there’s something rotten in the state of DANmark.

Speaking of stages, Ian went right to anger and parked there. Shane had to hold him back to keep him from going after Frank. FLASHBACK yesterday 12:37 pm BBT And If I’ve ever seen anything funnier than the 98 lb Ian wanting to rough up a 6feet 3 inch carrot, I don’t know what it could be.

Here’s my hope. They’ve got two days. And in that time, I believe Brit, Joe, Ian and Shane are going to figure out that the southern belle with the  “heart of gold”– according to Brit–knew everything. And if they do– they’ll band together to vote her whiny butt out the door. Thereby wreaking their vengeance. I hope it occurs to them. Cause watching Danielle worry about her face cream while Brit sobs her guts out, was almost too much to take.

Brit only needs three votes. And she’s got Ian. Joe will vote however Shane does. And if they can convince the not-the-brightest-bulb-in-the-drawer Capt. America that Dani’s in on the scheme…I think it’ll happen.

Now–having said all that–I will now bow in awe at Dan’s brilliant strategizing. Are you KIDDING me?? That he was able to pull that off is nothing more than genius. Sheer, unadulterated genius…

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