The POV Ceremony is today in the

House! The official Big Split will happen, but it is already in the works. STAY TUNED- as I update throughout the day.

11:00 BBT–UPDATE- House getting ready for the POV Ceremony- Stay tuned, or sign up yourself for the LIVE FEEDS– to see the reaction, as the house fractures in two! Gathering on the outside sofa.


Brit and Monet are Pi$$ed!!  Some comments from Brit and Monet- thanks to Joker’s

Brittany laughing at Rachel saying that Rachel wanted to be her friend. – IrishGirlVA
Brit saying she just doesn’t hang out with whores for fun. Brit saying she wouldn’t even use Rachel as a mop. That everytime Rachel wears a skirt, STD’s have gone airborne… “How many times have we seen her vagina?”.

Monet switched talk to Kathy. Now Kathy bashing. Monet wants to drop kick her off of balcony.

Monet: she put me up because she is jealous of me bcuz i don’t look like a stripper ho NT – NoNeedtoSitDown
Mon 12:56 PM BBT Monet: Kathy is a hooker and I hope she doesn’t get her job back. Brit agrees. – SouthernBelladonna
Now saying Rach is an “alcoholic chemist”

Both are saying this sucks and Monet is ready to go home…Brit says she’s ready to leave if Bren or Kris win next week…miss home and family..this isn’t worth it

UPDATE-LOTS of making out in the house last night and today! Krayden and Brenchel competed to see who could sigh and moan more under the covers.

Little lovin' going on

Undercover action part one


Undercover action part deux.

B- Brit, Monet, Enzo, Matt, Lane

HOH court in session

A big pow-wow went down in the HOH room last night. A conference on the merits of who to put up as a replacement nom for Britney, when she uses the POV on herself. Matt and Andrew have both offered themselves as pawn.. (uh.. Der..)

Meanwhile, in the BY- Matt and Andrew tried to get into the HOH and were DENIED!-

No room at the inn for these two--

Ok- gotta say– If you don’t have your FREE trial of the Superpass 24/7 LIVE FEEDS- Today is the day! This is the BIG SPLIT!

The clear choice, for Rachel and Brendan, SHOULD be to put up Matt. That would guarantee that Monet goes home. But, for some crazy reason, Rachel is thinking of putting up Andrew- to force everyone out into the open by their votes. Rachel is terrified that whomever she puts up will come after her and Brendan.  Well hello….. Everyone is going to come after them anyway!

Hayden is playing both sides. He is safe with Brenchel- even though he put them up. But, he also has the brigade.

Hayden sitting pretty

Andrew got upset when he was not allowed in HOH

It is going to be a HUGE day in the BB house!

BRendan got angry at Rachel for flip/flopping.  He wants her to made a decision, and quit telling people different stories.

Brendan sick of the indecision

OK- today is the day.. IT happens every year.  The BIG Split!!  If you want to be in the “know”- Sign up here for your free, 3-day pass for the 27/7 Uncensored live feeds! $13 a month+ $10 a month FREE music downloads= $3 a month!!

And just as a little incentive- lookie what happened last nite.. woohoo!

Krayden playing their own game

Rachel needs to grow a pair, and just put up Matt. She is running around in circles, worrying who will be mad..

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