Hey yall,

ROLL CALL!!  SPEAK OUT! Where are you from, Big Brother FANS?

We were hoping they would post the Media Day info for Big Brother 2010 at 12 AM PT.

We are going to have to wait for the CBS Early Show, however to get our Big Brother 2010 scoop.

Do you think you can wait??

To whet your appetite, here is an interview with Allison Grodner with a tiny peek into what we are in for this season.

Here are highlights of the interview, courtesy of TV Grapevine:

Allison Big Brother 121) The number of house guests is likely to stay in the same range as previous years, some where around 12 to 14.  (We now know that it is 14)

2) This year it will be more difficult than ever before. Allison commented that in order to keep the game interesting for the fans and challenging for the house guests, things will not be quite the same as previous years. Expect the unexpected, things will be less predictable.

3) The theme of the show this year will be a “Beach Theme” keeping with the idea of summer camp.

4) Allison also took the time to debunk the latest rumor that next season of Big Brother will be the last. Allison is looking for the same kind of success the show experienced last season to have it renewed again after this season and looks forward to a rosy future for Big Brother.

5) Allison truly embraces the fans. She confided that yes she does surf the different web sites to verify things and stay in contact with fan opinion.

6) One of the most interesting nuggets to come out of the interview is this season a number of house guests will have different backgrounds and personalities than we have ever seen before. (Please, oh PLEASE let us have some real-sized, intelligent people this season. Enough of air-heads and hard bodies. I say Brains over Beauty!)

All in all I believe Allison gave us all she could in respect to information for the coming season. For the avid Big Brother fan there should be enough to keep your mind whirling all the way to Big Brother 12.

Big Brother 12 premieres on Thursday, July 8 at 8PM ET

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