Time for another new episode of Survivor 2013 and it looks like some of the castaways might be on the verge of losing it, as we have tears and anger taking over tonight’s new episode of Survivor Season 27. This loved ones twist is a great addition to the show and makes things interesting because you want to win, but then don’t want to take out your loved one in the process, unless you are Gervase and don’t care about your niece on the other tribe! Check out our Survivor 2013 Recap below!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 3

Again, I am just doing this post to give you all aheads up that I will be doing the recap for tonight’s Survivor 2013 over at RealityRewind.com. Same recap as here, but just keep me from doing two at the same time!

For the recap for Survivor 2013 tonight, click here for the Reality Rewind story!!!

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