Your mother is the person that brought you into this world and she is the person that can take you out too. As a kid, I was told this so many times and I think it will relate very much to tonight’s episode on Survivor Season 27. Ciera and Laura are the lone loved ones left on Survivor 2013, but Ciera will be put to the test of voting out her own mother, thanks to the conniving of Tyson. Watch it with us during my Survivor Season 27 Recap!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 10 Preview

Playing on Survivor 2013 with your husband or wife or brother would be one thing, but to play it with your mother. That is a whole different story and could anyone really go against the woman that gave you life? Ciera will be asked to do it tonight, but will she listen to Tyson or will she listen to her gut?

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