It may be the biggest travel day of the year, but CBS thinks everyone will still be taking the time out of their days and travels to watch Survivor Season 27 tonight. Is that true??? I’ll be watching, but it is my job, so I have to! We should have some fireworks tonight on Survivor 2013, especially with only seven castaways remaining in the game. Follow along with my Survivor Season 27 Recap that follows!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 11

Tonight could be a battle between Tyson and Ciera, as to who has more power in the game. I thought Ciera would not make it past Week 2 and now I am using her name and power in the same sentence? Not sure how true it is, but Tyson is sure making it seem like she has all this power to put the target on her back. If only Ciera could keep her mouth shut then the focus would go on Tyson tonight!

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