Things are about to get interesting tonight on Survivor Season 27 and I think I am going to love it, especially if the outcome means that Ciera or Tyson go home on Survivor 2013! Will the Moms work together on Redemption Island again and take out Caleb? I am just wanting to get through all the fluff of this episode and make it to Tribal Council, which should be amazingly entertaining! Watch it with me during my Survivor Season 27 Recap below!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 12

I am intrigued to see the Immunity Challenge, which looks very interesting and challenging. Will Monica keep her winning streak going? I am hoping not because I would like to see Hayden win immunity and then watch all the other castaways scramble around trying to figure out who to vote off!

For the recap for Survivor Season 27 tonight, click here for the Reality Rewind Live Recap!!!

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