After Hayden Moss pulled a big one at Tribal Council last week on Survivor Season 27, can he keep that momentum going and somehow survive another week on Survivor 2013? He needs a miracle, or a freakin’ win at an Immunity Challenge…use those muscles, man! Watch with us in my Survivor Season 27 Recap below!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 13

This is a crucial night, as we have our Survivor Season 27 finale on Sunday night and we have eight castaways to get through. Three of them are on Redemption Island (Tina, Katie and Laura), but it seems like they won’t be joining the other castaways tonight, which puts them late in the game and the new jury members won’t have much time watching Tribal Council.

For the recap for Survivor Season 27 tonight, click here for the Reality Rewind Live Recap!!!

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