From all the previews for tonight’s new episode of Survivor Season 27 there seems to be one common theme: take the brothers down on Survivor 2013! Vytas and Aras are one of the only power couples left in the game and their tribes want to split them up before the merge happens, which should be any time soon, right? Will the tribes stick to the plan, or will they sweet talk their way out of the vote again on Survivor Blood vs Water? Find out during my Survivor Season 27 Recap and see who was voted off Survivor Season 27 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 - Week 7 Preview

We also get to see Kat take on Redemption Island with John and Laura M. She is paranoid about letting her boyfriend Hayden Moss down, so could this put some fuel in her fire? I think it just may, but John and Laura M. are both so strong at these duals!

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