Another week on Survivor Season 27 hits us tonight and that means another Immunity Challenge, which could be a crucial win for some of the ladies remaining in the game. The producers have decided to share with us a sneak peek at tonight’s Immunity Challenge on Survivor 2013, so check it out below in my Survivor Season 27 spoilers video!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 10

For tonight’s challenge, called Back Splash, it is where the castaways stand on a ledge and hold themselves up using a rope. There are knots in the rope and they will work their way down the rope until only one castaway is standing. As seen in the preview below, the girls are the last ones standing. Why? Because the guys usually have more weight to hold up, which they struggle with.

Because of that, we could see Laura win immunity and avoid elimination, like Tyson is trying to make sure happens. She held on to that pole forever during the dual at Redemption Island and won a spot back into the game, so could she do it again tonight when her back is against the wall on Survivor Season 27?

Check out the preview here:

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