Equality, Smequality.  One thing’s for certain…… Favoritism is alive and well in Big Brother 14 land.

Just as in life, the four “teachers” in this schoolroom have their pets, while they consider the rest of their flock as little more than cannon fodder. It’s this favoritism that’s causing our next topic.

The cracks in the Branelle alliance-dam are rupturing into a full-blown spill. We knew it would only be a matter of time. But it’s happening faster than we ever dreamed. Our old BB friend “Miss Paranoia Willdestroya”  has reared her beautiful head in a big way, with the women,  while Dan and Boogie just lay back and watch it happen. 

Though nothing ever works out the way you plan in the BB House, each one of the coaches have picked out a team member to pin all their hopes on, while the other two (or one in Dan’s case) are mere pawns in their game. However, one thing to remember is that unlike JV players in a high-school football game, it’s always possible one of the pawns could end up going pro.

Let’s take a look at which player gets their respective coach’s special favor:

  • Kara— Dan’s darling. **Social Game=B– (liked by everyone, but a bit reserved). **HOH Potential=B. (Supposedly the most athletic of the newbie females, but still has to compete against the guys.) Don’t get too attached–she’s in a lot of trouble this weekDan’s only other remaining player, Danielle, is on the low-bottom of the BB totem pole, with a *Social game-C-. *HOH Potential-D. Lots of people complain about her being whiny and lazy, and except for Shane, her absense wouldn’t cause a stir. (Dan’s working with her though, so she may improve.)
  • Wil—- Janelle’s lithe boy-toy. **Social game=B+. **Physical Potential=B+.  Wil’s only current disability is his deepening friendship with Kara-which is causing his teammates to question his loyalty. Jani’s other team members rate in with Joe,  Social Game-C+ (he cooks, but is kind of a douche about it. And what’s with the yelling??) and *HOH Potential C. And Ashley *Social Game-B+ (universally-liked and not nearly as flaky as originally portrayed) *HOH Potential-C.
  • Frank—Boogie’s best bet…By a country mile. **Social game=B+. **HOH Potential=A. Even though my fellow Razorback-ian is on the block, he hasn’t lost his cool. Everyone loves him and even though he’s obviously the biggest physical threat in the house, he has a very good shot at staying this week.  Boogie’s other two are definitely on the odd-ball side of the fence. Jenn- *Social Game=C. *HOH Potential=D. (bit of a wallflower.) And then there’s Ian*Social Game=B- (was a low D, but under Boogie’s tutelage, the ladies have taken him under their wing and he is flourishing.) *HOH Potential=B- (not gonna win the physical comps, but gets props for mental.) 
  • Willie— Brit’s not-so-bad-boy. **Social Game=B- (his good-ole boy demeanor is starting to wear thin, with paranoia taking over, as he gets closer to losing his HOH power) **HOH Potential=B. (Willie’s ego is as big as a Louisiana Oil rig, and he’s certain he’ll win every comp.) Shane is a middle-of-the roader. A Jeff-lite,  with a *Social Game=B and *HOH Potential B+. (the budding shomance with Danielle could hurt him) and Jojo *Social Game=C- (NEVER quits talking-people are getting irritated by her constant interruptions and her jealousy over the Shane/Dani showmance is showing) and *HOH Potential=C+ (not strong, but she’s perfectly built for endurance comps.)

WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Have the coaches picked the right starting quarterbacks for their teams? 

We get the feeling there’s crime on the horizon in the Big Brother 14 House. The crime of… STEALING.. Cause see…There HAS to be more to the coach’s power than we’ve witnessed so far. FOR SURE– you can expect to see something along the lines of: STEALING (or trading) a player from another coach. If this happens, you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t see Dan laying down on that one. If he sees an opportunity to replenish his stock, his eye will fall quickly on a Frank or a Willie.

STAY TUNED tomorrow for the Coach’s Score-Card and our EVICTION-PREDICTION.

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