The VETO MEETING just took place in the Big Brother 14 House, and…not being a complete idiot…Shane used it to save himself.

As expected, Frank (and by extension Boogie) did NOT go out on  a limb. Did not decide to throw out that surprise left hook at Janelle’s team.  Nope, Team Boogie chose to take the easy path, and replaced Shane with Danielle.

What do you think? Are you ready for WAR to be declared between Jani and Boogie?? 

Now the HG’s must decide which of the two sultry brunettes is  the bigger threat? The bigger ally?  The bigger pain in the a$$. Cause though both of these girls have issues in their own right, they also have one thing in common… Let’s look at that.

So….The strapping Southern Belle-Danielle is lazy, and the HG’s are collectively tired of her whining and negativity. (and what’s WITH her still lying about being a nurse? Stupid and unnecessary.)

But…The petite-firecracker New YAwker-Jojo is foul-mouthed, pushy, and NEVER shuts up. (and she’s ALREADY started talking how she deserves it more than others. That never goes over well in the BB house.)

It would be difficult to scrape up two girls at more opposite ends of the spectrum. What could they possibly have in common, you ask???

That’s right folks.. BOTH women are after the yummy (and heckuva nice guy) Shane!!  Well hell! This is winding up to be a DANG interesting week, Willie or no Willie!

Predictions anyone? On who (if anyone) Shane will choose? Or will they decide like this:

(I’m guessing Jojo’d fight dirty– so she’s GOT to be the black and white one)

So- jump on your LIVE FEEDS to see the scrambling this week and to learn which bouncing bikini will win out by fighting (ahem) tooth and nail…

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