Well, we learned one thing for sure on the  Big Brother 14 Feeds last night. The ‘Branelle’ alliance is growing in power.

The blonde bombshells are tightening  the noose around Dan’s team, and plotting the utter annihilation of Boogie’s.

The girls think they already have this one in the bag. But hello… it’s week ONE, ya’ll…AND in case anyone’s forgotten,  Dan and Boogie WON their games. Hmmm..I can’t seem to remember…which seasons did Janelle and Britney win???

Still, it’s entertaining as all get-out to watch Brit and Willie. And hear me–Willie is no Russell Hantz. He’s charming, charismatic,  and has a heck of a chance  to go to the end, if he plays his cards right. And I get the feeling he will.. He’s already flipped Brit and Janelle to his way of thinking, after they were dead-set on getting rid of Frank.

Now Kara’s in deep doo-doo, with zero chance that Shane will use the POV. Shane doesn’t seem like the type of guy to rock the boat, and…at least for the moment…will do what his team wants, regardless of his blossoming attraction to Kara. But, there’s still lots of time to flip the vote. And everyone knows that if anyone can get into people’s heads, it’s Dan. As Willie told his group, after he and Britney had spent a good half hour in the HOH with the BB10 winner… “Hell, he almost had ME convinced to do what he wants.” The problem is– if Dan loses Kara, he’s left with only Danielle–who’s a sweet girl, but clearly outclassed.


There was a VERY interesting exchange last night between Britney and Janelle, {FLASHBACK 10pm-cam 1}where they mentioned that Frank was the only one to pick up on the fact that there are four extra key slots. They then proceeded to muse on how they’d play it, “when they enter the game.”

Now- I don’t know if they know something that we don’t as of yet.. Or if it was just idle speculation on their part. But there ARE some more twists coming, we all know that..


BIG NEWS!!  This AM- at 10AM BBT– Joe told Frank and Boogie that Kara is a Playmate Playmate of the Year.  They proceeded to slam her as a spoiled pretty girl who doesn’t really want to play this game. She’s just used to getting her way, and that’s why she’s been so upset by being on the block. Speaking of secret identities– Though he has shared his true identity with his allies, the other teams only suspect Willie of being a Hantz. Now how long do you think that will last? Once the first rift happens between Janelle and Britney, (and that glorious day WILL come-the battle between those two is going to be Legend–wait for it–Dary) the incriminations will fly around that house faster than slop goes through a colon. {I know…ew, right?} And one more–puzzling and slightly lame–secret identity is also being called into question. Danielle’s strange decision to tell the HG’s that she’s a kindergarten teacher instead of a nurse. Boogie’s already onto that lie. And honestly.. why did she bother? 

This morning, Frank told Boogie about his talk with Janelle, where she basically SLAMMED Boogie’s character (Brit and Janey have a major smear-campaign going against Boogie). That led Boogie and Frank to begin an scheme for Frank to infiltrate that group. We’ll keep an eye on that one.. 

Though the Branelle alliance is riding high right now, we know whoever’s associated with the HOH feels invincible. But it never lasts for long. Willie’s turned out to be a fantastic first HOH choice, however. And he’s been able to deflect any fall-out from his decisions onto his coach. A nice job, that.

Last night was ‘let’s hang out in the BY and pretend to be friends’ night. Check out FLASHBACK on the LIVE FEEDS for all the whispers, eye-rolls and quick visits to the storage room.

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