There’s so much slithering going on in the Big Brother 2011 House, it must be slippery in that backyard–and not cause of the soap competition. It’s all the slime trails criss-crossing the astro-turf.

There’s been a ton of speculation regarding the extent to which production influences the game. A declaration made by Daniele yesterday left some of us scratching our heads.  Daniele told Porshe and Shelly that: “If I leave, Jeff and Natalie (referring to two people in Big Brother 2011 Production) are going to quit.” Yuh-okay. I’m quite sure that two people will leave their cushy TV jobs cause a contestant on the show they work on, got evicted.  Right.

Daniele’s arrogance is astounding.  She believed she had a lock on this game, and is unwilling to entertain the notion that she might not win.. And if she doesn’t win–mark my words– it won’t be her fault. It will NEVER be the stupid moves she’s made–such as taking the two HOH’s that she rightfully should have given to her partners-and trying to BD her own alliance wayyyy too early in the game. For all her talk about other people being “childish,” she fashioned a noose and placed it around the neck of Rachel’s bendy-Brenchel–in the little wedding chapel Rachel created. And the last thing she and Porshe talked about before going to bed, was how they are going to figure out a way to sabotage Kalia.

Of course, Dani’s going to fight.  That’s only to be expected, and it wouldn’t be fun without it. The drama is why we love this game… But it was Shelly’s behavior yesterday on the LIVE FEEDS that is blowing everyone’s minds.

Out on the BY couches, Shelly told Daniele that she was going to vote to keep her/ That she was going to “flip the house” and that she’d do everything she could to see that Dani stayed.  Shelly worked to convince Adam to vote out Kalia–but Adam is resolute in sticking with his alliance at least until F5.  Snaky–oops, I mean Shelly even told Porshe and Dani, scathingly,  that “Adam is so enamored with JeJo…it’s pathetic.” I threw up in my mouth a little bit when she said that..

Then later, she spoke to Jordan up in the HOH room and told her that she was worried that Jeff and Jordan would cut her out of the Final 3, and she wouldn’t get anything, but continued to swear undying loyalty to her “alliance.”  In the hammock, afterward, when Jordan told Jeff about their convo–including the fact that Daniele told everyone that Jeff “swore” he would never Backdoor Dani (that’s a lie-btw- he never swore anything to her. Jeff is extremely tight-lipped and everyone knows that.) and that now he is going against his word and no one should trust him. It goes without saying that –Jeff was PISSED!

He responded, “You’re worried about F3?  OK, how about you go out next week, then. By back hurts from carrying you all this way and now you’re questioning me, now that my hands are dirty? Whatever.”

Speaking of dirty.. Stay close to your LIVE FEEDS this week, cause it’s gonna get so, SO nasty up in here. SIGN UP HERE for your FREE 3-DAY Trial--It’s the PERFECT time, cause this is setting up to be the most drama-filled week of the season, especially with this Thursday’s upcoming DOUBLE EVICTION!!

PS- Dani admitted to Porshe that she’s the one who hid the Chess pieces, BTW.  AND on a lighter note- the HG’s got a Badminton set and a game where you can create little bendy-figures. fun stuff.

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