WoW! There were some bizarre and nutso stuff going on in the Big Brother 2010 house last night.

We had our first big “Brenchel” fight!  Rachel is playing the game hard core, and all Brendan wants to do is profess his undying love for her.

Rachel scolds Brendan

If you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS yet, you Really want to sign up today. Today when Rachel makes her big speech at the POV ceremony- The house is going to have the Big Split!! It will all happen today….

Spoiler Alert!

The first truly crazy moves have been made, as both Andrew and Matt have volunteered to go up as Big Brother 12 pawns. For two different reasons.  Matt does not want to have to vote and expose where his loyalties lie.  That is almost the most stupid reason I have ever heard. The most stupid prize goes to Andrew, who wants to go up to find out who all hates him. If he goes up- you know he will go home.. Duh…

Andrew volunteers to be pawn

And so does Matt! Whaaaa???

Crazy, Insane behaviour!!

Rachel is frying her brain, trying to figure out what to do, and Brendan tells everyone what she is thinking. She got totally pi$$ed at him, and told him to shut up!

Rachel tells Brendan to shut up

He gets mad and leaves

She has meltdown

After this, he comes in and apologizes for being “so stupid” and that if she wants to backdoor him that it’s ok. She asks him if he has gone crazy??

He basically whimpers that all he wants is to love her, and he doesn’t care about the game. They go to the hammock, where he lets loose the tears.

Brendan shows his feminine side....

They eventually make it up, but Rachel will not tell him or anyone what she is going to do, except to say that it will cause the house to split!!

What will Rachel do today in Big Brother 12?  If you plan on getting your Free Trial of the Superpass 24/7 LIVE FEEDS, today is the day!  The house is going to Lose it today!!

Meanwhile, in the Backyard, Lane, Brendan, Rachel and Monet had a punishment from the Veto Comp. They each had to spend different amount of time in the BB “Stocks” whenever a bell went off.

POV punishment!

AND “Krayden” heated things up even more last night.

A little after hours action with Hayden and Kristen

Here are a few quotable quotes- thank you,  Joker’s…

Rach still upset. She says she really wants to be there and is there for a reason. – SouthernBelladonna
She says she fell for him and it’s a “really cute showmance”, but she really wants to be there and they have to make the right decisions.
Hayden talking about how upset Bren was tonite & Kris says he acts like a girl on her period/has a very feminine personality NT – NoNeedtoSitDown

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