Well, we have made it to the hard part of Big Brother 2010, where everything has been said, and done and we just have to wait for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.

This week, the decision is pretty much made, with very little question.

For Matt fans, I agree he played his heart out, even if the “sick wife” thing is a little played out.

Enzo will most likely stay, even though he has won nothing, he is playing the social game strategy, a ploy that has worked well for players in the past.  Although in this stage of the game, it may not get you much farther.  We are at a place, where winning competitions is the key. Floaters can only get so far, and this… is the so far.

Last night on the LIVE FEEDS… well.. not too much happened. The HG’s studied for upcoming comps, talked about past HG’s blah, blah, blah…Oh- and Brit talked about her Pandora’s Box experience with Jesse.  Now.. there was a mention last week about another “secret power”- Brit claims she only got to spend an hour with Jesse. The question is.. Is that true? Did she instead get a secret power? We should find out tonight on the CBS show.

One funny patch happened as Brit, Enz, Hay, Lane talked about Kristin and Kathy. Brit did a passable Kristin imitation, and Enzo laid it down. “If someone comes to you and asks you to vote for them and you say’OK-you go around the house, ask everyone who they are voting for, and get back to me- you are done- that’s it-It’s the death blow.”

The HG’s were given a badmitton set, but other than that, it was status quo..With Ragan and Matt counting everything in the house, almost driving themselves nuts.

However… beginning tomorrow.. Things will heat up tremendously!  With the Double Eviction in play.. Who knows what is going to happen?  The LIVE FEEDS after the show tomorrow night, ending with a banging endurance comp ought to be CRAZY!!

Stay tuned today, for any new news. and SIGN UP for the end game LIVE FEEDS and get your FREE MP3 downloads!

Copied this from my friend at Bigbrothernetwork
How to watch Big Brother 12 on the cheap:
Grab the Big Brother monthly pass for $14.99.
Download $10 of free mp3s from Real’s music store (US users only).
So for effectively $5 ($15 – $10 freebies) you can watch the rest of the season including the remaining endurance comps and all the season’s highlights using Flashback.
Point and laugh at Enzo’s ridiculous penguin costume* (*optional).

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