Wooweee! I mean we all knew it was coming, but dude. Things heated up HARD in the Big Brother 14 House after today’s VETO Meeting.

Not only did Boogie and Frank take it bad. (well duh…they were once again duped and lied to) Jenn (the replacement nom) was none too happy either.

Close on the heels of the ceremony, Jenn stood next to Dan at the kitchen sink and sang a line of a Kittie (her band) song lyric:  You look so pretty, digging your grave. Apparently she’s done it a time or two since. I think it’s safe to say that the normally mellow Jenn–who really hasn’t played the game in the entire six weeks she’s been in the house–ain’t so mellow any more.

Now…without Ian and Joe, the Newbies have no shot against the BBDS alliance. Ian can claim his place in the QP all day long, but in the end he’ll be the first out. Argh…I just want to reach into that TV and shake some sense into those Newbie’s heads. If they don’t band together–and I mean Ian and Joe, too. They have ZERO shot.

As for Boogie. Well, you can imagine how he took the news. He’s been holding that hot head of his in check for the last few days. But no longer. He’s seriously ticked that he’s been ‘scumbagged’. Again. Now, he knows he has no serious chance to stay. But he’ll do whatever kind of damage he can do on his way out. Which for us means that the LIVE FEEDS ought to be ROCKIN’AWESOME for the next few days!

Boogie leaving is good news for those of us who’ve been hoping for a long time that Frank would break out and play with the Newbies. It may be too little, too late for the naive Newbs, though. By the time Ian figures out where he actually stands in the “REAL ALLIANCE’s”  throat-cut line-up, he won’t have anywhere else to go. And unless Frank learns what Ian’s really doing, and pulls him back to that side, NONE of the Newbs have a shot.

You might as well give Dan and Brit the half-mill and 50 grand now.

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