The Week 3 Big Brother 14 Noms are in!

HOH-Danielle had her mind made up until Dan gave her a last-minute “Misting” to keep his fellow-coach (and back-up plan) Boogie off the block. Against her better judgement, Dani instead nominated Wil to face off against her main target, Frank.


Tomorrow is POV. And since the astonishing–holy-crap it’s a brand new game–twist, POV is once again more important than ever.  In the morning’s post, we’ll discuss the possible outcomes of Dani’s noms-and their chances of playing (and winning) the POV.

Tomorrow’s POV reveal is likely to be some of the best LIVE FEED viewing we’ve seen all season. Boogie and Frank are LIVID with Dan’s betrayal of their supposed deal. And you know how it goes in POV comps when people are fighting for their lives.  And with this “RESET” basically starting the game from scratch…Well…that means it’s your shot to sign up on  DAY ONE for your FREE THREE DAY TRIAL with a bonus of angry HG’s to boot! 

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