After a typical Big Brother 14 Sunday of fun in the sun, the night turned back to game play.

And oh, what game play… (MAJOR SPOILER Ahead)

That’s right…In a shocking turn of events–the ‘Brane’ is getting ready to turn the game upside down. (At FLASHBACK 1:30am BBT) Shane and Brit had their minds changed about the whole Frank/Shane F2 deal and were convinced to take Ashley down and backdoor the curly surfer-dude…Thereby bringing down the wrath of Boogie during and after today’s Veto Meeting.

Make sure to have your FEEDS primed and ready today— Cause it’s going to be an explosive shocker, when Boogie and Frank realize they were betrayed…and commence to flip the hell out.  Froogie, you see, thought Frank’s safety was a done-deal.

But somewhere during the night, Janelle’s team switched their minds…(Shane seems to be getting awfully wishy-washy, breaking down at Joe’s plea that his eviction would break his children’s hearts.)

Sensing a chink in the armor, Janelle (along with Wil and Ashley) rushed in to push on Shane’s soft-spot and ended up convincing Brit/Shane to work with her team….(For now, until they turn back on them.)

All Brit could keep reiterating– while the group made their final funeral plans for Frank–is how when they bring the hammer down, Boogie is going to tell a lot of “lies ” about her and Shane. Lies like…”Shane made a F2 deal with Frank”. Britney said “Frank is safe”…”Brit was talking crap about Janelle”

*cough* yes…lies…

The Live Feeds promise to be the most volatile of the season, once today’s POV meeting is over and Team Boogie EXPLODES! OMG! It’s gonna be monumental!!! So if you don’t have yours yet—You do NOT want to miss this!!! SIGN UP HERE for the craziest reactions of the Big Brother 14 Game!!

PS- Danielle is worried. She thinks–as the swing vote–that Boogie will be after her for her vote, and will not leave her along until eviction. She told Shane she was going to hole up in the HOH until it was over. Shane said…uh… noo…I don’t think that’s a good idea…

(On a personal note- I was liking Brit a lot more this season than I did in her own. But when she’s around Janelle and Wil, her mean-girl persona comes back to the fore. Just an observation.)

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