We are introducing a new weekly feature…..Where We At Wednesdays.  “Where we at” in the Big Brother 2011 House. Each week, we’ll do an assessment on how each player is doing.  Who’s on top? Who’s flying under the radar? And who’s playing with their head up their butt?

Soo..  Where we at?

Let’s break it down by HG- and take a look at how they’re playing.

Cassi- I’m starting with her, because sadly, it looks like we’ll lose her on Thursday. She’s not really ever had a chance since her partner made that deal with the Vets, and she hesitated when the same deal was offered to her. But you Cassi fans out there–don’t lost hope. I think it highly likely we may see our willowy beauty come back. We are a person short with the departure of ED. Returning player? The magic 8 ball says….yes…

Porshe- She’s stuck so far up Rachel’s butt, she’s  been sitting in dark, smelly comfort for the last week. How will she fare once she has to emerge when  the golden key is done? I believe she’s first out. None of the HG’s (excluding Rachel) likes her.

LawonWho? Other than his brightly-colored clothes, we haven’t seen much of him.  Is he lurking like a spider waiting to pounce? Or is he simply a bug that’s gonna get caught up in the webs being strung? I think he’s out soon, too.

Kalia- She’s trying to ingratiate herself with everyone, and I think she’ll skate longer than her partner. But again- she’s another non-entity. A little person in a big Big Brother 2011 house.

ShellyOur sweet mama is doing well. Everyone loves her to death. That will remain until it comes out that she’s been a secret betrayer all along. When that happens, the remaining Newbies will turn on her, and she’ll remain the low man on the Vet totem pole.. Vet Meat.

Adam What about Adam? We haven’t seen much of him. Is he standing back with a huge sledgehammer- ready to smack down? Or is he a sheep in a big ole hairy wolf-suit?

DomHe’s playing the best Newbie game so far. All the Vets like him–though they don’t trust him as far as they can throw him. He won the POV- so he can compete. He’s high on the Vet’s radar. He’ll have to win to stay in. Unless his sweetie, Dani, saves him again.

BrenchelCombining these two, because they are imploding from within.  All they do is fight. Every day Dani and Jordan have to give Rachel “How to be a normal human being” lesson. Brendon wants to stick with the Vet alliance, but I see Rachel convincing him to turn.

JeffHe’s not the same happy-go-lucky guy he was in his season. Attribute some of that to being partnered with Brenchel. How long could you stay sane locked up next to those two? He’ll go before Jordan–

Jordan– Will we see our first Two-time Big Brother winner?  Chances are good. She’s in a really good place. She’s brave, well-liked, and playing a super-smart game. Dani/Jordan F2??  Likely…

DaniWhew! She’s sitting pretty, and playing the most savvy game of all. I see her sitting at the Finals. Unless…. people start seeing the strings she’s pulling on everyone. For now, they’re cleverly invisible..


So– What do you think of our assessment? Agree? Disagree?  Share your thoughts with us on the comments below!

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