Yesterday, Excitement picked up in the Big Brother 2016 house when a last minute vote flip almost occurred. Wednesday night, Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo set a plan in motion to convince the remaining houseguests that they were enemies. Victor would then pretend that he wanted to win Head of Household to evict Paul.

Big Brother 2016-Julie Chen

The plan worked on Co-HOHs Michelle Meyer and Natalie Negrotti, but James didn’t buy Victor’s proposed take out Paul plan. In the early afternoon Thursday, James started to question whether evicting Victor was the right decision. Before the feeds went out for the day, James really considered blindsiding Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel.

James voting out Corey put him in a very bad situation. Paul and Victor would immediately target James and Natalie if given the chance. To add more trouble, Nicole would be so hurt by James’ betrayal that she would have likely join an alliance with the Sitting Ducks (Paul and Victor).

Zakiyah Everette, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Corey Brooks haven’t won many Big Brother 16 competitions. Bridgette Dunning has won a few more than them, and shown a lot of heart in endurance competitionS. However, against Paulie Calafiore, they have a very low possibility of winning an endurance competition. So if the juror battle back competition turned out to be an endurance one, Paulie would win and rejoin the current houseguests.

This almost guaranteed that Paul, Victor, Nicole, and Paulie would join forces and go against Michelle, Natalie, and James.

However, James’ voting out Victor, and then Victor returning, also put him in a bad position. It was a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario for James. So who did James decide to cast his vote against this week on Big Brother?


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The Houseguest that was evicted tonight on Big Brother 2016 is Victor Arroyo!!!

Victor Arroyo

James stuck with his original plan. This meant that Victor left the Big Brother 2016 house by a 2-1 vote. However, would Victor make history and become the only player ever to return to the house twice in one season?

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