One thing we can all admit. The atmosphere in Big Brother 14  is totally different in a Willie-less house. After last night’s reveal on exactly what occurred during the melt-down, you can actually watch as the completely friend-less Willie unraveled.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What should Willie have done instead of fighting?

You know, it’s such a shame the Ragin’ Cajun couldn’t control his temper. If he’d only stuck it out. If he’d only slunk back into the HN room and taken the hits like a man, we’d be having a very different week. But Willie’s ego and temper were not built for this game. The cave-man mentality never works in a game built to test a human being’s ability to withstand increasing degrees of humiliation and degradation. A game a guy like Willie–with his over-inflated sense of self couldn’t (or wouldn’t ) take. Also–and this is the last time I’ll mention it, I do believe that Willie thought he was protecting his teammates with his actions. That by getting himself ejected, he’d be the person evicted that week, thereby protecting Shane and Jojo. No excuse, but maybe…in his mind…a reason.

Now, alas, we must forget about what might-have-been and move on to what will happen in this week’s POVmeeting.

The “alliance-deals” floated back and forth all day-with both Janelle’s team and the remnants of Britney’s each cutting deals with Frank and Boogie. Shane and Frank made a semi-F2 deal. And with Shane’s performance in the last two POV’s, it’s not a bad one for Frank. Within that deal, Shane is trying to save his partner, Jojo. But Jojo is rubbing folks the wrong way with her insistence on how she “deserves to be here over others,” that she’s hurting her game and Shane’s.

On the other side of the fence, Janelle has crawled so far up Boogie’s butt, it’s bound to be irritating his colon by now. Like one of those burrowing worms people pick up in the Amazon. Boogie knows it’s false. He and Jani’s antipathy towards each other is so thick, you can see the waves of it shimmering in the air between them.

And yet….as of this morning, it’s looking like Frank will stick with the original plan to replace the POV Winner, Shane, with Danielle, thereby setting up a Jojo/Danielle stand-off this week. Which in itself is interesting, since both girls are struggling to draw the handsome Shane’s attention.

Shane and Jojo are trying to cut a deal with Frank to “stir up the fishes” and put Wil up, thereby putting a slap-down on Janelle’s team and declaring out-right war between the two old adversaries. I don’t think Boogie’s ready for a declaration, however, and will take the easy route this week.

STAY TUNED TODAY for the POV meeting results!!! And CHECK OUT THE FEEDS to see what Frank will do when Shane takes himself down.


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