You can wish upon a star. You can pluck eyelashes and blow them all day long. And still your dreams may not come true in the Big Brother 14 eviction.

That’s right guys, it looks like we’ll have at least another week of the pathological Danielle to deal with, after Thursday. Cause Brit’s given up. Last night Ian told her she was going home, and though I’ve never expected Brit to win. Didn’t really want her to, I SO hoped to see Big Brown scuttle out the door this week, instead of the hilarious Britney.

Brit’s too wrapped up in her own angst to see what’s right in front of her. And she actually believes that Danielle couldn’t POSSIBLY be involved in anything hinky, and that she’s as much a victim of Dan’s machinations as she herself is.

*Cough. Vomit noises* Last night, Brit got a bit….shall we say…salty. Roaming around the house, wanting to do violence to the next person to look at her the wrong way. Who got the brunt of her anger??

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Yep. It was fan-favorite, Big Ted that took a whoopin from the fried-out Brit. Though afterward, they kissed and made up–Hey, who knows? It could end up being the two of them at Final Two. Miracles DO happen, ya know.

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As for the rest of the HG’s, it was a relatively calm night. Dani groomed Shane like a territorial mother gorilla with her cub.


Dan smirked his way through the evening. Frank, Joe, Jenn and Shane made more final two deals between them than have been made in the last four seasons. And Ian got drunk and bee-bop scatted around, bouncing off walls and making everyone–including we viewers–so nervous, I just wanted to blow a dart gun full of sedative through the screen into the kid, so he’d get some rest. Just another normal Big Brother 14 night.

There are so many final deals floating around right now, it’s literally impossible to figure out which ones MIGHT be real. I will say this. This season’s dynamic is different from any we’ve ever had. Have you noticed it? There are no hate groups this season. No time in which, when one group walks into a room, the other group walks out. It’s like they’re one big happy family, that are just willing to stab each other in the back–but solely in the name of game. It’s kind of freaking me out.

Today’s the last day of campaigning for the two “ladies.” Brit says she’s given up. But we’ll see if that’s true. A few snippy comments passed back and forth between them last night. And I just don’t see Brit laying down. And OH, I hope she doesn’t… Wishes, right??

PS–Quick shout-out to my Radiologist friend and his wife! What a game, huh??


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