And now it’s come to this in Big Brother 14. WWDD. What will Dan Do?

There was very little game talk in the house last night, after a surprising, early OTEV comp. Apparently, in the end it came down to Frank and Dan. I hope.. I HOPE Frank didn’t throw it to Dan–counting on his “F2” buddy to save him.

He wont, btw. As I mentioned last night, Dan whispered to the mirror that this veto is finally the ticket to get Frank out. There is talk of Dan using the Veto to take Jenn down, with Joe going up as replacement. But Ian has warned Dan that if he uses it-Ian will “tear his face off” and maybe put Danielle up as insurance.

So–though I’m sure Frank will try to wrangle the votes–I don’t see how it’s possible. Jenn will likely vote to keep him, but Shane and Dani and Dan won’t. And that’s such a shame… Not only cause I think Frank deserves to stay. But mainly cause…

HOW FREAKING BORING WILL IT BE to watch the QP take out Jenn and Joe the next two weeks. Then Shane. Then Ian… *sigh*

COME ON, King Dan!! Give us an exciting show!! Throw a monkey wrench into the works. Everyone knows that a story doesn’t work without confict.

The only other thing that went down last night- was more pathetic Dani-obsession. It’s becoming more and more obnoxious, with Dani angry with Shane because he won’t sleep with her.. In the figurative AND literal sense. Ugh.. Does this girl have NO Shane shame?

Today on the LIVE FEEDS we’ll hopefully see some game-talk, with Frank trying to secure votes. Will it work? *sigh* not sure. But a girl can always dream.

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