Speculations went round and round in the Big Brother 2010 house last night as Matt kept hinting at a possible power floating around in the house.

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Enzo and Hayden are going back and forth on rather or not to tell Matt that they are voting to keep Lane. With all Matt’s talking about a “secret power”, they are worried that if they tell him, he may have a power, and telling him would cause him to turn it against them.

My best guess is that Matt will take the easy road and replace himself with Kathy. I believe that is a big waste of a bigger power. On the other hand, Matt has talked big talk about making power moves in the game, so.. Will he put up Brit instead, ridding himself of a dangerous player? Or even one of the Brigade members in retaliation for them telling him they plan to vote him out over Lane.. Only Matt knows at this point.

Matt lucked out  big time in his Pandora’s Box selection, but the other question is.. What did Brendan receive in his Pandora’s box?  We know that he released Rachel on the house (where as Matt’s selection released the (lame) Saboteur, Ragan. So.. if Matt received the Diamond POV, what did Brendan get?

Brendan did not seem upset that he did not get to see Rachel, so presumably, there must be another element to his Pandora’s experience.

Last night, the Sabo played messages all night, keeping the HG’s up- another ho-hum, no risk trick-  The gist of the messages were:

HGs wake up, wake up
HGs expect the unexpected
HGs did you miss me
HGs did you remember to pray
HGs someone may be leaving tomorrow
HGs am I keeping you up
HGs time is running out
HGs being evicted is not all that bad
HGs have you been having nightmares about me
HGs insomnia isn”t that bad is it
HGs have you packed your bags yet
HGs I recommend you say your goodbyes tonight
HGs who can you trust in the competition
HGs go to sleep there is no competition

Way to go on the Sabo, Ragan.. Not.. He is taking the no-risk path as the Sabo.. I wish he had to do at least ONE physical trick. These messages are boring, and are not affecting the game at all.. (Yawn)

STAY TUNED or sign up for your own FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS– time is running out and the game is getting very tight..  Who will go…Who will stay??  When will we see OTEV??

And what the heck is Lane doing??

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