I was overly excited when I got the notification that Wil Heuser had uploaded a new video to YouTube, as that meant Episode 2 of the Big Brother Saga was available for viewing! Big Brother 17 is in full swing and Wil nails it again with his take on the previous week’s events. Check it out in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB17 Saga Episode 2

Like Wil did for Episode 1, he delivers the laughs for me, big time! There were a couple times where I was laughing out loud and not able to hold anything in. His impression of Julie Chen seems to get better every week and don’t think he didn’t knock her for that hairstyle during the live eviction show on Thursday night!

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He seems to have Meg down perfectly and the voices for Liz and Julia had me crying from laughter. Believe me, if you are a fan of Big Brother and don’t watch these videos each week, then you are missing out! Check out the latest BB17 Saga episode here:

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