Yesterday there was a lot of excitement when Christmas hurt her foot and had to be sent to the hospital on Big Brother 19 live feeds. Hours later when she returned, Jillian got a little desperate and started campaigning for votes. If you didn’t get a look at the live feeds yesterday, keep reading to get the Big Brother 2017 spoilers right here!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 1 - Monday


While Christmas was being treated at the hospital, Cody began to think about who he would renom in her place if she didn’t come back. He wanted to bring his Big Brother 19 group back together and decided if it came down to it he would put Jason up in her spot. When Christmas came back to the Big Brother house, things got a little tense for a few of the HGs.

Big Brother Live Feeds

After Christmas came back, she revealed that her foot wasn’t broken, just a couple torn ligaments and a possible fracture but she won’t know until Wednesday. This put a wrench in Cody’s plan to renom Jason and get his group back together. It also left Jillian scrambling for votes now that she felt Christmas wasn’t being voted out.

Not only does Christmas have the sympathy vote because she is injured, but she really isn’t a threat at this point because she isn’t healthy enough to really compete in comps. As Jillian, Cody and Jessica all campaign for Jillian’s votes, the HGs are grouping together and telling each other how much they don’t trust Jessica, or how they have Cody’s back but plan on voting against his wishes.

Meanwhile, Jillian thinks that she has enough votes to tie the vote and expects Cody to be the tie breaker. This doesn’t seem like the case when we hear the HGs talking while Cody, Jillian and Jessica aren’t around. Who do you think will be voted out of the Big Brother 19 house?

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