Yesterday was full of really bad acting and deal making on the Big Brother 19 live feeds. Many deals were made and some will be broken when it comes to the eviction vote tomorrow night on Big Brother 2017. Make sure you don’t miss any of it and check out my Big Brother spoilers here for all the details you need!

Yesterday was a holiday and the HGs celebrated by rallying for votes, yet again. Some of the HGs have made deals with both sides of the house over the course of the last few days. We all know that what they say to each other is not always what they end up doing in the end. Let me know who you think they will VTE tomorrow night right here in my poll!

Big Brother Live Feeds

We all know that Cody and Jessica plan on VTE Christmas and Jessica made it very clear that if you don’t compete, you don’t deserve to stay when her and Jason were talking. Jason tells her that he agrees and makes a deal to VTE Christmas. He also makes a deal with Paul to VTE Jillian. Someone is going to be disappointed this week and I have a feeling that playing both sides of the house is going to bite him in the behind.

Josh tells the cameras that he plans to VTE Jillian and tells us that he is in with Raven, Dominique, Paul and Christmas. I’m going to guess that if Raven is VTE Jillian, than Matt will too. Elena also plans to VTE Jillian and is trying to talk Ramses into it as well, but he tells her that he promised to keep Jillian safe a long time ago and can’t go back on his promise now. I think it’s safe to say that if Elena VTE Jillian, Mark will too.

Paul is trying to get Kevin to VTE Jillian but it turned into Kevin talking to his family through the camera. We get the impression that Kevin is on the same page as Paul. Alex is still up in the air, unless I missed her talking about her VTE plans, which is possible. Kevin is still technically up in the air too because he still hasn’t verified to anyone who he is voting for, he seems to be playing this really cool and it’s working in his favor so far.

This could still be a close vote depending on some of the votes that are up in the air and lets be honest, some of these HGs can’t be trusted. They change their minds so often that the current situation will be completely turned around after they wake up today.

Today’s big event is Christmas going for her MRI to find out if there is a fracture in her foot or not. I will have all the details when she gets back and fills us in! Meanwhile, lets get ready to have an awesome day today and I can’t wait to see what the POV competition was this week! If you want to know who won the POV, I have the spoilers here!

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