Yesterday’s Big Brother 19 live feeds really seemed to revolve around people switching up their votes and making deals with both sides of the house. We watched as Jason made deals with both Cody and Paul on Tuesday’s Big Brother 2017 live feeds and last night we watched as another HG started to flip-flop. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out who.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 1 - Wednesday

With an eviction looming tonight, the HGs are trying to figure out who they should VTE in the Big Brother 19 house. With Christmas being injured and Jillian being part of the Outsiders crowd, both of them can be an easy target. Jillian has been getting some help from the HOH and his small alliance, but will that be enough?

Big Brother Live Feeds

Last night we watched as Josh started making deals with both sides of the house and I have to say, his vote is probably going to be one of the most shocking votes to happen this season. Alex is trying to get Jillian not to feed any information to Josh because he is a loose cannon, but he could also end up being the deciding vote.

I don’t know what this eviction is going to bring at this point, it seems to point in a different direction every day. Yesterday we had a 7-5 vote to keep Christmas, but with Jason and Josh being up in the air, it really could still come down to a tie which would be the worst case scenario for Christmas because Cody would be the deciding vote.

This eviction tonight is going to be a pretty exciting one and based on my eviction poll from the other day, most people think that Jillian will be evicted. I guess we will see later on tonight! Stay tuned for my Power Rankings and my Predictions coming a little later today!

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