Last night we watched as Kevin left the Big Brother 19 house and headed over to the Jury house for the final days of the season. Hours after the live eviction show ended, we found out that the HGs played the first round of the final HOH comp. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out who won!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 12 - Thursday

After the results of round 1 of the final HOH were confirmed, the HGs sat around chit chatting and reflecting on the season thus far. There was some camtalking from Paul about how he hopes the rest of the HOH comp goes and there was some talk about when we could expect to hear something about round two! Keep reading to get the details!

Live Feeds

When the feeds came back from Round 1 of the HOH comp, we find out that Paul won, Christmas came in second and could have possibly won if her hand didn’t slip and Josh came in third. Josh mentions that he fell only 15 minutes into the comp and Paul and Christmas lasted about 30 minutes longer. There is so much glitter! Josh mentions how Christmas was told how to fall in the comp so that she could avoid landing on her foot and she said she managed to not land on her feet. They mentioned that round 2 should happen on Saturday.

There is some chatter between Josh and Paul about how Paul needs Josh to win round 2 and tells Josh they will study later on. Paul then camtalks and tells us that he needs Josh to win because if he loses to Josh in Round 3 he knows that Josh will bring him to F2 anyways. Josh has already made it clear to us that he intends to bring Christmas with him, not Paul.

There was some general chatter about life outside the house and then the HGs start heading to bed. Josh and Paul have another conversation where Josh asks Paul if he is going to continue to “run your yapper” or is he going to have some faith in Josh. Paul tells him he has faith in him and then the conversation turns to whether Christmas has asked either of them to take her to F2. They both say she hasn’t talk to them about anything and Paul tells Josh that he thinks that Christmas would be happy to see Josh and Paul make it to F2.

I feel like Josh is just blowing smoke with the F2 chats with Paul. I think that Josh still plans on taking Christmas to F2, but I guess we will find out on Wednesday during the finale! For now we have an episode tonight that looks like it’s going to be a memory lane episode and the start of Round 1 of the final HOH. Stay tuned for my recap a little later tonight! Who do you think has a better chance at winning round 2 of the final HOH? Let me know in the comments below!

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