What a night on Big Brother 19 last night and with every good eviction night come lying, deceit and lots of crying. Mostly from Jessica and Cody now that they know they aren’t as safe as they thought they were. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details of what happened after the HOH comp last night! Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 2 - Thursday

Last night there was a lot of emotions flaring and a lot of screaming and yelling on Big Brother 2017. Not to mention the crying and crying and more crying. The house seems even more divided now that the eviction has happened and a new HOH was named on Big Brother 19. Keep reading my Big Brother 17 spoilers to get all the details from the live feed!

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After the feeds came back up at 8:03PM BBT, there was drama all over the house. Mostly coming from Cody and Jessica. Jessica is crying and Cody is claiming it’s because she feels excluded by the other girls. He admits it’s because of him, but Paul tells her that this game is tough and crying about it isn’t going to change that. He tells her that he has lost hair over this game and he’s cried more than he would like to admit.

Meanwhile, Kevin is ripping pissed about someone calling him a snake. We find out that he was talking about Ramses calling Kevin a snake. Kevin wants to threaten him, but Jason and Paul are being the voice of reason telling him just to ignore him and leave it alone.

Josh tries to apologize to Jessica because he voted against her and she knows he did, but she attacks him and of course she can’t fight her own battles and Cody jumps in. I can see if Josh attacked her, sure come to her aid, but she started the argument when all he wanted to do was apologize and tell her that he does respect them and they way they play the game.

After that confrontation, Josh goes into the bathroom and he is in tears, Raven and Dominique are there trying to ask him what happened and he tells them that Jessica and Cody are making this game too personal. Ummmm, has he ever seen an episode of Big Brother in the past?

At one point we actually almost watched Jessica pack her stuff and walk out of the house. She was sick of being attacked personally (again, has she ever seen this show?). Cody tries to calm her down, but she rips her mic off and threatens to walk out. She is refusing to put her mic back on. BB comes over the loud speaker and tells her to put it on, but she still refuses.

Paul gets the key to his HOH room and calls everyone up to see his room, Jessica doesn’t go. She instead goes to the DR to possibly self-evict with the way she was talking prior to this. Moments after getting up to the HOH room, Jessica does join the group, but she is not happy about it at all.

Paul plans on using pawns in the noms ceremony, he is planning to put Matt and Raven up, but later changes his mind. He decides to use Alex and Josh as pawns and promises both of them to use the veto on them if he should win it. Then he will BD Cody at the renom. This is not going to work out well I can already see it!

Keep following my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details on this season of Big Brother! Stay tuned for my noms announcement later today!

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