It was an uneventful day in the Big Brother house yesterday which is strange considering the amount of drama that has unfolded this week. However, there are a few things that happened in the house that are worth noting so make sure you keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 2 - Tuesday

This is what it was like watching the Big Brother 19 feeds most of the day, but there were some interesting conversations within the group that should be discussed. Most of the day the HGs were on an indoor lockdown so it was chess, charades and chit chat all day on the feeds. Keep reading to find out what the HGs were talking about!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Yesterday most would think that it was an unusually quiet day in the Big Brother 19 house, they played games and pretty much tried to find things to keep them busy. There was some talking between some of them that I want to bring up.

Christmas fills Raven and Matt in on her conversation with Jessica from the day before and they are picking apart everything that Jessica had to say. Christmas explains to her that Jessica misunderstood most of what Christmas had said to her over the course of the last couple weeks. Christmas made sure to tell Matt and Raven that even though she misinterpreted what she said, she went around spreading lies and manipulated truths to everyone in the house.

Christmas makes a comment about wanting to go to Cody and say, “hey Cody, before you head out on Thursday, can you explain your disdain for me?” I thought that was kind of humorous the way she put it. Matt and Raven continue to talk to Christmas about everything that has gone on with them and the vote last week, nothing else important to note there. Jessica is trying to make things right with some of the house, but it isn’t looking good for her.

Josh and Dominique have a conversation and Josh tells her that he wants to play his game along side of her because she is the only one in the house that he can trust. He tells her that he knows he hasn’t played the best game thus far, but he plans on showing her and the rest of the house that he can do this. She tells him that that’s what she wants to see from him. He tells her that he isn’t going to give his word to anyone, but he will always be 100 percent truthful with her.

Jessica is in the Lounge making victim noises, (I applaud Cody for the best phrase ever and that’s about it) and Cody is trying to comfort her. She is really upset and tells Cody that the house has broken her. Later Cody apologizes to her for playing the game without thinking about what kind of impact it would have on her. It then turns into a conversation about food.

Most of the other conversations in the house were about who to target next week. Most of them think that Jessica should be the next target followed by Ramses. There were also talking from some of the HGs to throw the HOH to Josh this week. Ramses is still trying to convince people that he wasn’t the one who flipped on his vote last week. He makes sure to point out to Jason and Alex that Kevin has been spending a lot of time upstairs.

What do you think of yesterday’s events in the house? Let me know! Also stay tuned for the results of the Poll from yesterday. Make sure you get your votes in right here!

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