Yesterday we watched the Big Brother 19 feeds waiting for Christmas to make it back into the house. We found out last night on the Big Brother 2017 live eviction show that she wasn’t medically cleared to leave the hospital yet. She did however cast her eviction vote via telephone last night on Big Brother 19. It made us scratch our heads a little.

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 3 - Thursday

There were extra votes for Ramses last night on the live eviction and that left Alex, Paul and Jason trying to figure out who they were. They know that Jessica was one and they are fairly sure that Christmas was one, but they can’t seem to figure out who the other two are. Keep reading my Big Brother 17 spoilers to get the details of last night’s feeds.

Big Brother Live Feeds

The first thing that Alex said when she got into the storage room to get her things was, “I’m about to make a huge move.” We are all waiting to see what that move is going to be. There was a lot of back and forth talking last night on the feeds, but right before she went to bed, she told us who she is gunning for. I’ll get to that in a little bit.

Jason is talking to Jessica, he admits to her that he was one of the flip votes and it turns into a conversation between them about whether Alex is pushing to nom Jessica. She tells him that it would be a waste of an HOH because she is a floater now that Cody isn’t in the house. Jason tells her that he has been talking to Alex and she won’t put Jessica up. Anyone that watched last night knows that Jason was not a flip vote and he lied to her. He voted for Cody.

Kevin was trying to convince Ramses that he wasn’t the one who voted for him, but we all know that he did. Ramses tells Kevin that if it was him, he would be ok with that. Tells him that Kevin would be the only one in the house that he would be fine with voting for him. I don’t know exactly why this is so important if the person they were gunning for is out of the house. We know that Kevin voted for Ramses because of Paul, but no one else in the house knows that.

There has been a lot of Alex passing out bombs that she is gunning for Jessica, Raven goes to Paul and Dominique and tells them that. Alex tells Elena that she is going to do that, but everyone things that it will be Josh, but she promises Josh that it isn’t him. Alex and Paul have a conversation about who she should put up and she tells him that she wants to BD Mark this week. There is a lot of chatter going on throughout the night and a lot of back and forth as I said earlier.

Right before she heads to bed, Alex cam talks and tells us that her big move is that she is planning on getting Dominique out this week. What do you think of this move? Do you think that Alex has a reason to get Dom out? Stay tuned a little later we will find out who Alex puts on the block!

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