What a day on the Big Brother 19 live feeds yesterday! The drama started to unfold right after the Veto Ceremony took place on the feeds. It was like a train wreck, you couldn’t look away! Well for part of it I did, but we will get to that a little later in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 5 - Monday

There were arguments and a house full of HGs ganging up on two and then there were a few conversations also that are worth noting from yesterday. Lots of information, so lets get this going, shall we? Keep reading if you want to know what happened yesterday on the Big Brother 2017 live feeds!

Big Brother Live Feeds

So, we had the Veto Ceremony yesterday and when the feeds came back we found out that the Veto was used to pull Jason down off the block. There was no renom due to him being a special third nomination. Cody apparently refused to give a veto speech, it would have been a waste of time for him to do it anyways, right? Paul wasn’t going to use the Veto on him and there are only two options after that, he gets evicted or Jessica uses her Halting Hex to save them both.

Due to him not giving a Veto speech, everyone started to talk about the likelihood of Jessica using her HH and the odds were not in anyone’s favor. Well except for Cody and Jessica’s. Josh has been his normal annoying self all day and at one point even says that he would be willing to bully Cody if it will get him out of the game.

Jessica and Cody talk to Paul and tells him that she is sick of Josh’s bullying behavior and tells him he should make him stop. Paul tells her that he doesn’t have the psychological pull she thinks he has and she says that she has a hard time believing that Jason came up with his Veto speech all on his own. After he denies having anything to do with Jason’s speech and everyone’s actions, she tells him that she is going to use the HH this week to keep her only ally in the house.

Jessica and Josh have a conversation where he tries to tell her that she isn’t the target of his bullying, Cody is. She tells him that she still has ears and can’t mute him so therefore she is suffering too. After this conversation, Josh decides he is going to go grab his pots and pans and stands outside the lounge banging them at Jessica and Cody, Jessica is laughing it off.

Moments later, Jessica and Alex get into a screaming match about her name being part of the deal she was making with Paul. She tells her it’s because she nominated her. Alex is using the “Dom was my target” excuse and Jessica tells her that the only reason Dom ended up her target was because she had a meltdown. They go back and forth and and the rest of the house is shouting questions at her. This turns into Alex asking her who hid her cat ears and turns into Alex throwing Jessica under the bus to Raven which turns into a bigger screaming match between Raven and Jess. Cody tells Jessica to come outside with him and they go to sit on the hammock.

The entire house follows them outside to annoy them and talking about them to each other, but loud enough for them to hear. Josh is banging his pots and pans and doing his circus song in a tutu which is actually funny to watch. Alex then attacks Mark verbally for not sticking up for her during her argument with Jessica. Mark is clearly having a hard time with them all attacking Cody and Jessica. After almost two hours of them all attacking Jess and Cody, Paul comes out of the DR and tells them all that they have to ease off a bit. They can’t all attack at once.

During the course of all this, Jessica and Cody are talking on the hammock and Jessica tells is weighing the options. Does she walk from the show and save her reputation because of the high possibility she might say or do something to ruin her life outside the house, or does she stay and deal with all the nonsense in a game that they are clearly not going to win. There ends up being a lockdown for backyard screamers and they hide in their room.

They continue to talk about the possibility of leaving the game for a while and later, Cody goes to the DR. When he gets out of the DR, he runs to get Jessica because they want to talk to her. She’s in there for a while and when she comes out she is in a much better mood. Based on conversations with her and Cody, production told them the boundaries the other HGs have and someone gave her a hug, which she appreciated very much.

Later in the night there are a couple of conversations that I would like to note. Mark tells the rest of the house that all of them attacking two people who weren’t doing anything to anyone at the time was a bit much. After the lounge clears out Elena tells him that him sticking up for them isn’t a “good look,” he doesn’t seem to care. He tells Paul later in the night that if he wins HOH though he is going to nominate Cody and Jessica to “clear his name.”

Jessica and Cody are talking about playing the best game they can and alternate HOHs and play in all the safety comps to pick the other side of the house off one by one. They odds of it happening are pretty small, but anything can happen on Big Brother. Elena goes in to talk to them and explains to them that she won’t participate in antics like what happened earlier, but she also can’t verbally defend them, it’s bad for her game.

There is also a conversation that happened between Mark and Paul where Mark tells him he isn’t happy about how Christmas went from being ok with Cody and Jessica to joining in on attacking them. It was kind of like she flipped a switch in my opinion. Paul admits that he got everyone all riled up, but didn’t force anyone to do anything. His plan was to get Cody to snap so that Jessica wouldn’t save him this week. Christmas later suggests to Paul that they change their tactics and kill them with kindness.

A lot happened yesterday in the feeds. Can’t wait to see what today’s feeds have in store! Make sure you vote in my favorite HG poll right here! I’ll be posting the results a little later!

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