Definitely not as much drama on the Big Brother 19 feeds yesterday, but still some conversations that should be talked about. Did you miss what happened on the Big Brother live feeds? Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 5 - Tuesday

After all the craziness in the house the day before, yesterday was definitely a much calmer day. Christmas had some updates on the healing process of her foot. There was also a lot of talk about game moves and who they will be targeting in the house next week. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 live feeds recap right here for the details!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Christmas and Jessica were talking in the bathroom and they were talking about all the fun Christmas and the rest of the house was having the night before. Christmas then tells her that she got her stitches out. She also has a new cast and mentions that she is healing pretty well.

A little later, Christmas has a conversation with Raven and it kind of sounded like she is insinuating that they get Paul out of the house soon. Not yet, because they are all on the same page, but “it’s kind of irritating” her. What exactly, I’m not sure, but something about Paul is starting to rub her the wrong way.

To summarize the rest of the day, a lot of the people in the house are getting a little suspicious about Mark and Elena because they still look like they are playing both sides of the house. They aren’t wrong in thinking that, but so much for Elena trying to separate herself from that. Christmas does mention to Paul that she thinks that Elena is still on their side, but is keeping her options open with Cody and Jessica too.

Josh and Paul talk a lot throughout the day about Cody and Paul tells him that they need to shift their attention to winning next week’s comps. Josh also at one point in the day mentions that he isn’t going to be heckling them anymore because he doesn’t want things to escalate.

There are some chats about Matt also, Christmas and Paul think that Matt has been laying too low in this game. He later admits this to Paul by saying that he hasn’t really been performing well. There were talks about who they would target next week. Of course Cody and Jessica are on that list. Matt is concerned if Mark wins HOH this week, he is wondering if they are all safe if he does and Paul and the group all agree that Mark is not to be trusted.

Mark actually goes to hang out with Cody in the backyard last night. He is telling him that he is telling them that he is definitely on their side. He is explaining to them that he is keeping his distance because of the rest of the house. Cody mentions that Paul and the others are probably talking about Mark talking to them right now and Paul, Elena and Matt are all talking about it. It does sound like Elena is trying to convince them that Mark is on their side, just playing a double agent.

After Mark talks to Cody he goes over and Paul asks him “Who would I have to be on the block with for you to vote against me?” He tells him there isn’t a single person in the house, he is with Paul and that side of the house. Elena says she is offended, but understands.

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