Now that we have all lost our minds being without the Big Brother 19 live feeds, it is time for, well the live feeds! Want to know what happened after the feeds came back up? Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the details including who won HOH and who are the nominations for eviction this week!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap Week 8 - Friday

We got a bit of information out of the very cool, calm and collective group of Big Brother 19 HGs, which in itself was really weird to see considering how crazy they have been in the past. There is a clear plan in place for who they are targeting this week and there is also some information on the new twist! Keep reading for the details!

Live Feeds

The first couple things we found out last night were who won the HOH and who the noms were at that moment. Christmas won the HOH and she nominated Matt and Jason this week, it is clear that they are all planning on backdooring Mark this week. Matt and Raven think that they are in the good graces with everyone in the house, but they aren’t.

Once Mark is out, they are the next target and they are completely oblivious to this. After Matt and Raven are gone, things in the house are going to get a little interesting when Paul and his groupies have to start picking each other off. I’m curious to see if anyone will have the bright idea of getting Paul out before F2, but at this point, it isn’t looking good.

Jason got his HOH letter and him, Kevin, Jason and Alex are talking about it in the green bedroom. In his letter it sounds like his wife is pregnant with their second child. Kevin is rattling off names of his daughters to give Jason some ideas for girl names and he is having Alex put her input in on whether they were good names or not. Jason and Josh then continue to talk about boy names in case it’s another boy.

On to the next bit of information, the new twist in the house. we noticed a tree on the wall with five options on it. Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes, Bounty on your Head, Second Veto, Save a Friend and Can’t Play in HOH.

We learn that these options were given to the HGs at some point. The Bounty on Your Head puts a $5000 bounty on you, I’m not sure how the others could go about getting it, but those are the details I got. Mark apparently got the Save a Friend and used it to save Paul. Paul thinks he did this to try and help him stay safe this week, but it didn’t seem to help. We find out that this twist will last three weeks, like the last one.

The Josh and Christmas are having a discussion about targets. Mark this week and apparently Jason has been targeted due to his chat with Mark while playing chess. Jason also mentioned that he would take Alex to F2 and that doesn’t sit well with anyone else in the group. You know the one that Paul called Mark out for at the beginning of Friday’s special episode. Paul is talking about wanting to keep Kevin around over Matt to make later comps easier, but he made a F5 deal with Raven and Matt earlier. The group decides that their F5 should be Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Paul and Raven.

There is a rat in the house, like an actual rat, not a figurative rat. Actually some would argue that there is a figurative on also. Paul and Josh try to make a rat trap to catch it before all the HGs head to bed for the night. Stay tuned to find out who the Veto Player are going to be this week and the results a little later on tonight! The only hope Mark has to stay in the house is to be picked and win the POV.

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