It is that time of the week where I tell you how your favorite Big Brother 19 HG landed on our poll results. I will say that there was a shake up this week in the polls. For the first week since the start of the season, we have a new HG in the number one spot! Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 poll results to find out who it is!

Big Brother 19 Poll Results: Top 5 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 7

This week has a lot of HGs on edge, not sure why because they are getting Cody out of the house for a second time. With the HGs on edge comes arguing and HGs attacking each other on a personal level. We have been watching this for weeks now on the Big Brother 19 feeds. If you have missed any of that, you can get all the details in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

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I feel like every week this is a lose lose and someone tells me that my poll results are not accurate, so I’m going to do as I did last week and post a screenshot below of the results. Are you ready to find out where the Big Brother HGs fell on the list? Here we go!

1.) Cody

I feel like every time a HG gets close to their eviction, their fans jump out of the wood work to vote for them in this poll. Last week it was Jessica and this week it’s Cody. I have to say, we saw a different side of Cody this week and if he was this Cody weeks ago, he probably would have gone pretty far in this game. Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that it was too little too late.

2.) Paul

Paul has been sitting pretty at the top of this list since week one. I’m not sure why his fans aren’t voting for him this week as they have before. Could he actually be losing fans because of the way he has been treating the other HGs? Telling them that they can’t talk to Cody because he’s the target or egging people in arguments and making them worse?

3.) Kevin

Kevin has managed to stay in the top five pretty consistently. He has been very quiet and observant, but he is starting to talk a little too much and this is putting a target on his back. The HGs have been talking about targeting Mark next, but Kevin will be soon after that if he doesn’t dial it back a bit.

4.) Alex

I’m not going to lie, this surprised me a little bit because of the way she has been acting on the Big Brother 19 live feeds. She was screeching at Mark the other day over pillows that he took into the HN room claiming they were her pillows and then yesterday on the feeds she went after Cody for eating her cereal. The cereal she offered to him and then left downstairs instead of putting it back in her room. Jason has warned her that if she doesn’t dial it back, she is going to put a target on her back too. She’s acting a little crazy.

5.) Mark

Even though there is a huge jump between Kevin and Alex, Mark rounds out the top five. I feel like Mark is getting some more votes than normal for a couple different reasons. One, he has been endlessly attacked for being a flip-flopper and two, he is the only one that has vocalized that he wants to take out Paul. He realizes that if Paul isn’t taken out, Paul will win this season because they have all allowed him to. If Mark wins HOH this week, things are going to get really interesting!

Did your favorite HG not make the top 5? Find out where they landed in the screenshot of the polls results right here!

Week 7 Favorite HG Poll Results

Before I go, I want to note that Elena didn’t receive a single vote in this week’s poll.

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