Yesterday I had you all vote in a poll to tell me who your favorite Big Brother 19 HG is this week. Last week we had someone take the first place spot from Paul, who had been sitting pretty in the number one spot since week one. With that HG going in the Double Eviction, I was wondering if Paul would shoot back up to the top spot. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 poll results to find out!

Big Brother 19 Poll Results Top 5 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 8

Everyone has a favorite HG in the house, or if you are like some fans who have had enough of Paul running the house, then you might not have a favorite. Or your favorite is Mark who is most likely walking out the doors on Thursday. If you have missed some of what’s been going on, feel free to check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all caught up!

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We had a HG manage to keep Paul out of the top 5, are you ready to find out who it is? Here we go!

1.) Mark

Mark has been the only player in the house this week that has played his own game. Mostly because he is the target of everyone in the house. However, he has been working on trying to rally votes for the last couple of days and if he can talk a couple more people into voting for him, he might be able to stick around. I wouldn’t get too excited though because Alex and Paul are two people who would have to convince.

2.) Paul

Paul has been running this house since day one. He is a vet and knows how the game is played, did we really expect anything else. This will be the third time that a returning vet has gone on to win Big Brother, if things continue to go the way they are. Lets face it, he has got everyone convinced that he is taking them to F3, but he can’t take them all.

3.) Kevin

Kevin has been playing a pretty safe game so far, but he has recently found himself a topic of conversation in recent days. He has really annoyed everyone starting with the deal he tried to offer Cody, but didn’t get anyone else to agree to beforehand. There is also the constant “are we good?” questions to Paul and the rest of the house.

4.) Jason

Jason won all our hearts this week when we watched him breakdown reading his HOH letter from his wife, Holly. He found out that his wife is pregnant with their second child and he started to really think about what he can do to make it further in the game. Mark started campaigning to him and well, Jason started toying with the idea of trying to keep him over Matt this week. Jason has to convince Alex and Paul though and Kevin claims he would vote to evict Matt if they can do that, but I wouldn’t hold your breathe just yet. He is at least thinking for himself though, finally.

5.) Christmas

I wouldn’t really consider Christmas a fan favorite, I feel like she is more the person people vote for then they don’t know who to vote for. Mostly because of her injury and people feel bad for her. Christmas went to the doctor yesterday and got her cast taken off and the pins out of her foot, but still can’t put any weight on it for a couple more weeks. Will she become a force to be reckoned with? Will she make up for all those Comps that she couldn’t compete in? We will have to wait and see!

Was your favorite HG not in the top 5? Check out the chart below to find out where your favorite HG landed in the results!

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