Well, Big Brother 19 is coming to a close tonight and what a season it has been! We have seen some interesting characters this season on Big Brother and that’s putting it nicely. We have all been full of opinions when it came to our favorite HGs throughout the season so I decided that I was going to run a Favorite BB19 HG poll.

Big Brother 19 Poll Results Who Is Your Favorite HG From BB19

We sure have come a long way from when this screenshot was taken of the Big Brother 2017 cast. Here we are, three months later, waiting to see whether Christmas, Josh or Paul will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 19. If you have missed any of the action this season, you can find all my Big Brother 2017 spoilers right here to get all caught up! Keep reading to find out who the majority of you voted for as your Favorite HG!

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Okay, so this season we have seen 17 HGs come into the Big Brother 19 house and 14 of them have left it, one HG left twice, but that’s not the point. We have all grown attached to something about one of the HGs at one point or another. Whether it was their game play, how they interacted with the other HGs, their story or one of many other characteristics. Regardless of how rough this season was to watch, we all have that one HG we wish could win it all. Here are your top three choices based on the results of the poll you all voted in!

  1. Cody
  2. Jason & Kevin
  3. Paul

I couldn’t list Jason and Kevin separately because they had the same number of votes so this really turned into a top four, but I will note that Paul wasn’t too far behind them. That is ultimately why I decided to post them this way. I will also post a screenshot of the results below so you can see where the other HGs fell. What do you think of the poll results? Who did you vote for and why do you think they deserve the $25,000 prize? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

Favorite BB19 HG Poll Results

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