It is time for our weekly Favorite Big Brother 19 HG poll! I know how excited you all are over this season (yes, that is sarcastic) and now you can tell me which of the remaining HGs is your favorite! If you have missed any of this week’s antics, you can get all the details in my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 19 Poll Who is Your Favorite HG - Week 10 (POLL)

This week we have Christmas in the HOH, but lets me honest, Paul is running it as always. We had Jason and Alex on the block, but after the Veto Ceremony yesterday, the nominations changed! Find out what happened at the Big Brother 19 Veto Ceremony right here if you missed it! Make sure you keep reading and let me know who your favorite HG is by voting in our poll and let me know in the comments below why!

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And then there were seven! After this Thursday we will know who the F5 are this season of Big Brother and with just two weeks left of the season, we will soon be done with Big Brother 19. We don’t know whether we are happier about it ending or angrier that this season was probably one of the worst we have seen, but either way, September 20th, is the finale.

Last week on the poll Jason took the number one spot, this was mostly because he decided he was going to play his own game and none of the other HGs liked that idea. Not to mention, him playing his own game proved to the rest of the house that Jason and Alex are a threat. Jason has been nervous about being a “pawn” even though no one has even told him he was a pawn, him and Alex are just assuming that Kevin is the target this week.

Outside of her bullying Kevin and believing everything Paul says, I really think that Alex has the potential to win this game. I am really hoping that after Jason is evicted this week that she sees through Paul and guns it for HOH instead of throwing it. Kevin has been a favorite of mine all season, I’m a sucker for an underdog and it kills me to see Alex treat him the way she does, but a part of me thinks that her feelings might shift when Jason is evicted.

I’m find myself hoping for a lot of things to shake up this house. This week’s double eviction could be that one thing we need to do that. Which of the remaining Big Brother 19 HGs is your favorite? Let me know by voting in my poll and then let me know why they are your favorite in the comments below or on social media!

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