There was a lot of downtime on the Big Brother 20 live feeds with the POV Players being picked and then the POV Comp being played later on. However, there were some interesting conversations and a BD plan started to take form. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Recap Week 2 - Saturday

After the POV Comp was played, there were some conversations as to what should be done with it in order to ensure that the BD for this week happens. There was also a lot of speculation about how America sees them based on the reactions of the former HGs that were present during the POV Comp. 

The day started off with the POV Players being picked and we found out that along with Kaitlyn, Winston and Scottie, Tyler, Rachel and Faysal competed in an individual time comp.

A little later, Kaitlyn and Tyler are talking and Kaitlyn wants to know if he has the Power App for this week. He denies it. The conversation turns into her telling Tyler that she is playing this game totally different than the way she lives her everyday life. She tells him that she would never lie to people in the real world like she has done in this house. She tells Tyler that she trusts him, but she doesn’t trust Faysal.

A few moments later, she has a conversation with Faysal about how he should throw the POV comp because he is already a major target and winning a second POV comp would just make that target bigger. After this conversation, he goes to Rockstar and Haleigh and tells them that his competitive nature will not allow him to just throw this comp. Swaggy was cam talking that Faysal shouldn’t win this one either, but Faysal is still talking about playing hard. It doesn’t help when Scottie comes to Faysal and tells him to play hard because he wants to compete against people who are actually trying.

Feeds cut for the POV at 2:30 pm BBT and came back at 7:40 pm BBT. When the feeds came back, we see Tyler wearing the medallion. Tyler decides that he is going to use the POV to save Scottie in hopes that it would bring him to their side of the house and give them another vote to save Winston this week.

Kaitlyn’s Meltdown

Tyler brings the plan to save Scottie to Kaitlyn and she agrees to it. After talking for a few, Kaitlyn starts to spin out of control. She is talking about how Cody and Jess (who were present at the POV comp) were rude to her so she is convinced that America hates her. This leads her to believe that BD’ing Swaggy would be bad for her game. She talks about how she doesn’t want her other alliance to hate her for this and then all of a sudden it turns into how she promised her cousin that she wouldn’t make big moves too soon.

Tyler is talking her down from the ledge and she tells him she is going to do it, but she is worried about how they are going to react. A little later, Faysal comes up to the HOH and she tells him how America hates them based on Cody and Jessica’s demeanor when she said “hi” to them. Has she never watched an episode of BB19? That is just their personality!

Faysal promises to have Kaitlyn’s back no matter what. She asks him even if she does something he might not like. He promises that everything will be okay and that they would move on in this game together. The conversation then turns into Faysal using amusement park rides as code for sex and things got really weird. Moving on….

Swaggy and Bayleigh

They are talking and Swaggy tells Bayleigh that he wants to target Tyler or Brett next week if he wins HOH. Bayleigh warns Swaggy that first they need to worry about Tyler getting into Kaitlyn’s ear and getting Swaggy renom’d. Bayleigh thinks that because Cody was friendly to her at the POV comp that means America loves them.

Other Conversations

Winston finds out that the POV is going to be used on Scottie and he is freaking out. He goes to Rachel and Angela and tells them that it’s too risky, but they remind him that it makes the plan too obvious if Tyler takes Winston down. He then tells Brett he is going to be really worried if Tyler uses the POV on Scottie and not him. Brett tells Winston why the plan needs to go that way. Tells him that they need Scottie to come over to their side for the numbers.

Tyler is told that before he uses the POV on Scottie, he should go talk to Scottie first to see if he has the Power App for the week. He does and Scottie denies having it. Rockstar, Bayleigh and Haleigh are complaining to each other about how Kaitlyn isn’t trying to be friends with them. Bayleigh suggests that Kaitlyn just craves male attention and that’s why she doesn’t seem to be too concerned with them.

Later on, Winston has another meltdown. He is questioning his alliance because they are putting his game at risk just to make Scottie come over. Brett is talking him down but Winston thinks that Scottie should be on the block next to Swaggy. Brett then goes to Kaitlyn and tries to convince her and Tyler that they need to keep Scottie on the block with Swaggy.

One more conversation I want to point out is a conversation between Rachel and Angela where Rachel tells Angela that if something goes wrong and Winston goes home, it might not be a bad thing for one of the L6 guys to go first. They think that eventually it will turn into a bys vs girls competition in the house and it wouldn’t be bad if they got rid of another one this week.

This could be an interesting week, that’s for sure. Keep up with our Big Brother spoilers throughout the week to stay caught up with the drama!

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